The ideal venue for weddings, special events, church groups and retreats, Seven Pillars Farm achieves the perfect balance between elaborate elegance and simplistic charm.

Built in 1974, Seven Pillars Farm captures the architectural character of generations past. The main house is surrounded by 23 acres of farmland with an established landscape.  Wooded walking trails meander alongside a quaint stream accompanied by charming waterfalls and the South Anna River.

A charming dorm-style, guest house sleeps up to 20. It’s patio nestles by a peaceful pond.

Surprisingly hidden from the minutes-away restaurants and shops!

The Mission

Seven Pillars Farm is a faith-based venue.  It strives to be a platform to raise others higher.

Our ministry is to love thy neighbor by celebration through communion and fellowship with others.  We strive to help train and equip others towards greater things for prosperity of family and community.  We believe in managing proceeds in a biblical manner by giving back to local ministers and businesses in our communities.

Seven Pillars Farm Founder and Property Owner, Karla Denison

The Name

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The name comes from a treasured scripture, Proverbs 9:1 . 

Here is an article that has described the importance of this passage. From this article comes the below statement: 

In considering these interpretive options, it is most likely that “her house” and “seven pillars” both refer to a home that is in proper order, with the use of “seven” emphasizing its completeness and all-sufficiency. The following verses continue to describe other aspects of wisdom personified as a woman. She prepares a meal and invites people to attend to gain wisdom: “Leave your simple ways and you will live; / walk in the way of insight” (Proverbs 9:6). Wisdom has much to offer, and she invites everyone to come share her satisfying feast.

– GotQuestions.org

This venue is booked by invitation only after scheduling a tour. 

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